Complaint Content and Submission

Complaints can be expressed verbally or in writing (whether by email or post).

Consumers who wish to complain (complainant) are encouraged to provide details about themselves so that we can directly attempt to redress the potential problem.

Complainants are also encouraged to advise the Company in regard to what action they would like us to take to resolve their complaint.

A complaint can be logged by phone on 0161 527 7229, or by email or in writing to Office 3, 415 Buxton Road, Stockport, SK2 7EY.

Complaints Received

Any complaint which is received from a consumer whether verbal or otherwise is treated in the strictest confidence and requires immediate attention.

Once received, a complaint will be assigned to a Complaints Officer and it is their role to oversee the process of dealing with the complaint in a fair and appropriate manner. 

We will maintain a log of complaints to ensure that results of investigations are forwarded to the client and the senior management team of Back In Control Solutions LTD.

Complaint Responses

The consumer who has logged the complaint will be sent a written acknowledgement of the registered complaint within 3 working days of receipt. 

A copy of this complaint’s procedure will also accompany the acknowledgement.

Investigation of Complaints

Investigations of complaints received will be conducted by the Complaints Officer by collating all evidence which may include (but not restricted to) recorded calls, emails, written correspondence, internal or external processes relating to the complaint.

This process can take up to 14 working days and therefore a written final response will be sent to the complainant within that time. If we are not in a position to provide a final response within 14 working days, we will tell you when you can expect to receive a final written response.

We have up to eight weeks beginning the day after we received your complaint to send you our Final Response.

Complaints Resolution

4.1 As a data subject, you have the following rights under the Data Protection Regulations, which this Policy and Our use of personal data have

Following the issue of the Final Response the Complaints Officer will hope to resolve the issue with the complainant based on the findings.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome or the way that your complaint was handled, then you have the right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (see the Referral to Financial Ombudsman Service section below).

Referral to Financial Ombudsman Service

All final written responses are sent will include details about referring your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). FOS is a free service provided to consumers who will look complaints where a customer may not be satisfied with the outcome.

The Financial Ombudsman Service contact details:


The Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower,


E14 9SR

Telephone: 0800 023 4567

Please note that you have up to 6 months from the date that we issue you Our Final Response to refer your complaint to the FOS.